Breakfast Casserole Recipes

Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Breakfast Casserole

Debbie wright
By Debbie wright

The first time i saw this recipe i thought it would be a soggy mess. It's...

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Chilaquiles Recipe


michelle pitts
By michelle pitts

This is great for breakfast paired with eggs and beans. Use for a mexican inspired brunch....

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Shepperd's breakfast pie Recipe

Shepperd's breakfast pie

Brittany Bartells
By Brittany Bartells

My family and my boyfriend LOVE this breakfast! My mother gave me this recipe and...

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E - Z Potatoes and Eggs Recipe

E - Z Potatoes and Eggs

Sandi Moorhead
By Sandi Moorhead

Mom used to make this for us, when money was short, and the pantry was low......we...

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Potato, Ham & Cheese Bake Recipe

Potato, Ham & Cheese Bake

Janet Sa
By Janet Sa

Hash browns form a hearty crust for this easy main dish egg and cheese bake. I...

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Basic Quiche - you pick the main ingredients Recipe

Basic Quiche - you pick the main ingredients

Wendy Rusch
By Wendy Rusch

This quiche recipe is so simple and so yummy...I believe it originated from Paula Deen. Our 2...

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Mushroom Brunch Bake Recipe

Mushroom Brunch Bake

Nancy R
By Nancy R

I plan to grow mushrooms this year and found this dish in a catalog for mushroom...

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Southern Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Southern Hashbrown Casserole

Rainie Piccione
By Rainie Piccione

Made these for a brunch, evryone loved them. There were no leftovers. You can find me...

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Mexican Cheese Souffle Recipe

Mexican Cheese Souffle

gale vineyard
By gale vineyard

This is always a hit. Serve with spicy sausage (chorizo sausages are good), fruit, warm tortillas....

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French Toast Casserole Recipe

French Toast Casserole

Paula S.
By Paula S.

This is GREAT for holiday mornings or for when you have guests for breakfast and you...

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Ham and Cheese Puff Recipe

Ham and Cheese Puff

Paula S.
By Paula S.

Another variation of the make-ahead breakfast casserole that is sure to delight your family and/or guests....

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Christmas Brunch Recipe

Christmas Brunch

Susie Trial
By Susie Trial

This is a tasty and hearty, tried and true dish that the menfolk love and the...

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