Breakfast Casserole Recipes American

Crescent Sausage Casserole Recipe

Crescent Sausage Casserole

By Jenny Morrell
This is a scrumptious breakfast or brunch casserole. It has all the elements of breakfast...

Yummy Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Yummy Baked Oatmeal

By Shawn A Reed
We were at the farmer's market yesterday and my Hubby ordered Baked Oatmeal for breakfast. See...

Sunday Brunch Casserole Recipe

Sunday Brunch Casserole

By barbara lentz
This is a great brunch dish. It lends well to whatever breakfast meat you like best....

~ Delicious Brunch Bake ~ Recipe

~ Delicious Brunch Bake ~

By Cassie *
This is one of the best egg bakes I've ever put together. The combination of ham,...

Healthy Cauliflower Breakfast Muffins Recipe

Healthy Cauliflower Breakfast Muffins

By Patsy Oburn
This is a great breakfast, appetizer, reunion, or travel handheld food. You can do many variations...

Bacon Breakfast Bake Recipe

Bacon Breakfast Bake

By Pauline Greenwood
This is perfect for when you're in the mood for a heavier, stick-to-the-ribs breakfast.