Sweet Bread Recipes

Maple Bacon Donuts (yummy) Recipe

Maple Bacon Donuts (yummy)

By marty olguin

My mouth is watering as we speak...these lil treats are so yummy and sinful...I'm a little...

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Starbucks Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Starbucks Pumpkin Bread

By Kevin Anthony

A great copycat recipe for Starbucks pumpkin bread just in time for the holidays.

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Easy Yummy Breakfast Recipe

"Easy Yummy Breakfast"

By Sharon Levell

This is so GOOD and EASY to make the day before Christmas morning, or what ever."YUM"

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Fried Cakes        (doughnuts) Recipe

Fried Cakes (doughnuts)

By Laura Sands

This is from a 1921 "Cassopolis" cookbook which is a town in Michigan. My dad's favorite...

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Beignets Recipe


By Leah Stacey

These beignets are sure to help you catch a man just like my fried chicken! If...

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