Sweet Bread Recipes

Sinful Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Sinful Cinnamon Rolls

By Kim Kelemen
I made these yesterday, and they are like the title, absolutely sinful. I used two different...

Bountiful Summer Squash Bread Recipe

Bountiful Summer Squash Bread

By Liz Lanza
his is a great quick bread that utilizes the bounty of summer squash that accumulates in...

Iced Cinnamon Apple Raisin Bread Recipe

Iced Cinnamon Apple Raisin Bread

By Family Favorites
This was my mom's recipe that she would make every fall after visiting the apple orchard....

Table Bread (pao De Mesa) Recipe

Table Bread (Pao De Mesa)

By Vicki Butts (lazyme)
A spongy, slightly sweet bread that's an Easter favorite in the Azores. It bakes at a...

Christophene Quick Bread Recipe

Christophene Quick Bread

By C G
You may know christophene as it is more commonly known: chayote in Mexico, choko in Australia...

Monkey Bread Recipe

Monkey Bread

By Pauline Greenwood
a co-worker's wife made this for the office once and i asked her for the recipe!

Mini-cinnis Recipe


By Stacey Vadas
My grandson loves the version of these found at a famous fast food restaurant. These...