Other Bread Recipes

Bake up something fun tonight! Check out these favorite bread recipes... then maybe share a few of your own.


Sinful Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Sinful Cinnamon Rolls

By Kim Kelemen
I made these yesterday, and they are like the title, absolutely sinful. I used two different...

Cheesy Crack Bread Recipe

Cheesy Crack Bread

By Kellie Belcher
This bread is so delicious and always a HUGE crowd pleaser. A friend of mine calls...

Giant Soft Pretzels Recipe

Giant Soft Pretzels

By Scott Anderson
This pretzel recipe came out of a National Geographic kids magazine back in the late 70's....

Bean Flitters Recipe

Bean Flitters

By Mary Adkins
This Recipe is what i was raised up on.when we were little my sister and i...

Eclairs From Scratch Recipe

Eclairs from Scratch

By Gennifer DeLille
One of my dad's all time favorite treats....my sister and I made these together to surprise...

Pierogi Dough Recipe

Pierogi Dough

By Russ Myers
This basic recipe can be filled with any number of fillings; cheese, potatoes, cabbage, meat, fish,...

German Soft Pretzels Recipe

German Soft Pretzels

By Cherie Szilvagyi
Steven, my son, is quite the chef nowadays and has taken numerous awards, including Chef of...