Brandy Bender Recipe

"Dorm Room" Bacon & Egg English Muffins

By Brandy Bender MisDisturbed19

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Brandy's Story

My stove went out a couple of days ago and all I have is a electric skillet and a microwave. LOL


english muffins, sliced in halves
8 slice
bacon, cooked
4 slice
salt and pepper
Kitchen Crew

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Directions Step-By-Step

Cut the bacon into half pieces,cook the bacon to your liking. Toast the muffins in a toaster to your liking. Butter the muffins and add slice of cheese to each sandwich.
Brush the bottom and sides of a coffee mug, Crack a egg into the cup, put a lid on the cup and place into the microwave. Set microwave for 1 minute. (while the egg cooks it will pop, that is just the air escaping from the eggs).
Take a butter knife and slide it in between the cup and egg to loosen it up. Flip the cup over and let it plop onto the muffin.
Layer 4 half pieces of bacon on each sandwich, add the second half of the muffin on top. Enjoy!

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