Flatbread Recipes

Fry Bread Recipe

Fry Bread

By Connie Kahl

THIS IS Facebooks: The cohoes falls & the Iroquois MOST POPULAR POST.. THOUGHT I SHARE...

Herb Onion Foccacia Recipe

Herb Onion Foccacia

By Ann McCue

Found this recipe on "The Katie Brown Workshop." I think it is very good and easy...

Watermelon Pizza! Recipe

Watermelon Pizza!

By Colleen Sowa

My great grandmother use to make fried watermelon to help feed her family... I love the...

Indian Fry Bread Recipe

Indian Fry Bread

By Rachel Hubbard

I have an adopted cousin that is an American Indian. She gave me this recipe. My...



By Carol L.

I found the recipes for hardtack on Mother Earth. The recipe makes a...

Flour Tortillas Recipe

Flour Tortillas

By Jeanne Benavidez

My Mother-in-law taught me to make these 30+ years ago. She didn't actually have a...

YUMMY Sweet Rice/Wheat Pancakes! Recipe

YUMMY Sweet Rice/Wheat Pancakes!

By Vicki Goff

My family LOVES PANCAKES! I'm always trying different ways to better my pancakes or just do...