Flatbread Recipes

Pizza For A Party Recipe


By Eddie Jordan
When the kids are out playing ball. Make them and their friends pizza for the end...

Fry Bread Recipe

Fry Bread

By Connie Kahl
THIS IS Facebooks: The cohoes falls & the Iroquois MOST POPULAR POST.. THOUGHT I SHARE...

Herb Onion Foccacia Recipe

Herb Onion Foccacia

By Ann McCue
Found this recipe on "The Katie Brown Workshop." I think it is very good and easy...

Watermelon Pizza! Recipe

Watermelon Pizza!

By Colleen Sowa
My great grandmother use to make fried watermelon to help feed her family... I love the...

Indian Fry Bread Recipe

Indian Fry Bread

By Rachel Hubbard
I have an adopted cousin that is an American Indian. She gave me this recipe. My...

Hardtack Recipe


By Carol L.
I found the recipes for hardtack on Mother Earth. The recipe makes a...

Flour Tortillas Recipe

Flour Tortillas

By Jeanne Benavidez
My Mother-in-law taught me to make these 30+ years ago. She didn't actually have a...

Yummy Sweet Rice/wheat Pancakes! Recipe

YUMMY Sweet Rice/Wheat Pancakes!

By Vicki Goff
My family LOVES PANCAKES! I'm always trying different ways to better my pancakes or just do...