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Naan Bread

By Lillian Russo Lilliancooks

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Lillian's Story

This is a recipe for Middle Eastern flat bread. Its sort of like a tortilla. Its delicious served warm! This recipe is by a cook named Aravi Vei, He is from India. I've made this recipe many times. I added my photo.


2 c
flour-you may need slightly more
1 tsp
active dry yeast
1 tsp
1 tsp
4 Tbsp
melted butter
2 Tbsp
plain yogurt
2/3 c
luke warm water
dried parsley
sesame seeds

Directions Step-By-Step

Take luke warm water in a cup, dissolve yeast and sugar in it and keep it aside. Allow it to rise. It normally takes only about 5-10 minutes to rise well.
Sift flour and salt into a bowl and add yeast- sugar mixture, yogurt and half of the butter into it.
Mix together to form a smooth dough. Again knead it on a flat surface to make it more smoother. Add more flour if dough is too sticky.
Then it has to be kept in a greased, covered bowl (preferably in a warm place,may be inside the cooking range) and allow it to stand for almost 1 hr, by which the dough will be sized double.
Knead the dough for 5 more minutes by punching it down.
Divide into lemon sized balls. Flatten (extreme) each ball using hand,and add the toppings.
Now heat a skillet (I didn’t have a grill pan, so I used a skillet) on the stove top. Grease it with oil and wipe it off with a cloth or kitchen tissue.
Place the flattened dough on it, and cook it on medium heat.
Within few minutes, it will puff up, then apply melted butter on 2 -3 spots and turn it over.
Cook for few more minutes and remove. Immediately wrap it in a kitchen towel.
Serve warm.

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Pat DiMercurio javancookie
Jun 17, 2013
Thank you Lillian. I am sending this off to my young daughter for her to try. She's a member here too, so I'm not sure why she asked me to find a recipe. Except, she knows I'm on here several times a day. ;)
Lillian Russo Lilliancooks
Mar 18, 2013
That's so good to hear Laurie!!! I've been known to do that same thing for certain foods! I'll drive about an hour away when its something I really love! I'm so glad you tried this and can make it at home! =)
Laurie Pearsall laurielp1
Mar 17, 2013
I soooo love Naan and living in the middle of KY, have to drive at least 140 miles r/t to get it fresh. When I tried this recipe, I knew that the mileage on my car was about to decrease significantly! LOL
Laurie Pearsall laurielp1
Mar 17, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Anton Visser grill_man
Jan 9, 2012
Susan, glad to meet you to. Hope you enjoy the Tikka Masala recipe.