Biscuit Recipes

Hometown recipes for Blue Ribbon biscuits and more. Find a new favorite and share a few of your own!


Alligator Benedict w/ Herb Biscuits Recipe

Alligator Benedict w/ Herb Biscuits

By Jennifer Weinstein

This recipe includes a few of my favorite things mixed together. Growing up my father would...

Presumptions Recipe


By Clare Chambers

Not being able to find a cheese drop biscuit with either the ingredients I had in...

BRIE BRUNCH BISCUITS (two ways) Recipe


By Teresa G.

These are my "special" biscuits for special occasions. They're buttery, flaky biscuits, filled with melted brie...

Whole Wheat Biscuits Recipe

Whole Wheat Biscuits

By Lucy Tartan

Biscuits weren't really my "thing" until I tried using wheat flour. Now I really like...