#Bars Recipes

Peachy Keen Bars Recipe

Peachy Keen Bars

By Paula Todora

Paula Todora

Made with a cake mix and canned peaches, I created this original recipe out of what...

Meringue Topped Magic Cookie Bars Recipe

Meringue Topped Magic Cookie Bars

By Gail Welch

Gail Welch

My son, daughter and son-in-law loved this meringue topping. They said it melts in your mouth....

Lazy Buckeye Brownies Recipe

Lazy Buckeye Brownies

By Kelli Thomas

Kelli Thomas

I call these bars "lazy" because you use a boxed brownie mix. But if you have...

Apple Butter Bars Recipe

Apple Butter Bars

By Hannah Rider

Hannah Rider

My mother made these delicious bars often when I was growing up. No apple butter on...

Pecan Turtle Bars Recipe

Pecan Turtle Bars

By Jan W

Jan W

Another orphan I've adopted...will be going over the recipe & trying it so I can post...

Bonnie's In a hurry cookie bars Recipe

Bonnie's In a hurry cookie bars

By Bonnie Lockhart

Bonnie Lockhart

Need something sweet for a quick dessert--decided to try this. For peanut lovers only.

Brownie Supreme Recipe

Brownie Supreme

By Michele Arambula

Michele Arambula

This should satisfy the most intense sweet tooth. Made this for Christmas a couple years...

Gold Bars Recipe

Gold Bars

By Lisa Byrd

Lisa Byrd

When I was a kid, we had a "snack bar" at our middle school where you...