#Apples Recipes

Kentucky Apple Cake Recipe

Kentucky Apple Cake

By Lisa Glass
When my mother passed away, a close family friend made us two fantastic cakes. This...

Apple Rosette Pie Recipe

Apple Rosette Pie

By Naomi Nakashima
This is seriously the prettiest apple pie I have ever made. I thought to myself, what would...

Cranapple Ricotta Pudding Recipe

Cranapple Ricotta Pudding

By Beth M.
Sweet-Tart with cheesecake texture/sourdough bread pudding all-in-one! Honey-crisp apples and fresh cranberries inspired me to bake a...

Cherry Apple Bread Pudding Recipe

Cherry Apple Bread Pudding

By Teena Hval
Super easy and great tasting bread pudding. The fruit is just delish in this recipe. Yummy!!!!!

Pecan Apple Bread Recipe

Pecan Apple Bread

By Cassie *
This is one delicious bread...dense with a great flavor..don't take my word for it...give it a...

Fresh Fruit Medley Recipe

Fresh Fruit Medley

By Brandy Bender
This is a very yummy recipe. I can't remember where I got this recipe from tho!...