#Apple Recipes

Apple Pie Turnover Snack Recipe

Apple Pie Turnover Snack

This recipe was in my sandwich maker but can be made in a skillet by anyone...makes...

Cranberry Apple Crisp Recipe

Cranberry Apple Crisp

By Torrey Moseley
This is a fabulous autumn dessert...it's also great for breakfast. I usually make this at holidays...

Apple Crisp Recipe

Apple Crisp

By Onalee Maine
I loved our High Schools Apple Crisp and this is as close as you can get...

Lite Apple Crunch Recipe

Lite Apple Crunch

By Cyndi Rowe
This recipe is delicious! And what makes it even better is that is lite! ...

Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe

Apple Pie Smoothie

By Jo Zimny
I love smoothies and the combination of cashews and apples is really nice together. This is...

Pecan Topped Apple Cake Recipe

Pecan Topped Apple Cake

I think the reason I like this recipe so much is because the apples are so...

Applesauce Jumbles Recipe

Applesauce Jumbles

By Becky Kuboff
This is my family's favorite cookie recipe. I'm asked to bring these tasty fall treats to...

Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

Easy Apple Crisp

By galen allis
This is not a recipe for people who like to measure things out or stay clean...

Pear & Apple Gorgonzola Tart with Frangelico & Balsamic Reduction Recipe

Pear & Apple Gorgonzola Tart with Frangelico & Balsamic...

By Ally Phillips
No matter how much you just luvvvvv to cook, sometimes you need inspiration and ideas...well, actually,...

Blue Ribbon Apple Dumplings Recipe

Blue Ribbon Apple Dumplings

By Emily Likens
My grandma's been making these forever. I fell in love with these dumplings growing up. Now...