#Apple Recipes

Apple Turnovers Recipe

Apple Turnovers

By deb baldwin
I like to make Turnovers. I just made 4 apple turnovers and some cups filled with the...

Apple Up-side  Down Cake Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
Have you ever tried an APPLE UP-SIDE DOWN Cake?? It is a delicious change from the pineapple...

Apple Walnut Cake Recipe

Apple Walnut Cake

By Tammy Raynes
This cake actually tastes as good if not better on the second day. If time is...

Apple Yam Delight Recipe

Apple Yam Delight

By Marcia McCance
Got this recipe in the 70's but don't have a picture of the finished dish... even...

Apple, Pear And Cranberry Crunch Recipe

Apple, Pear And Cranberry Crunch

By Barbara Miller
On a cool, crisp autumn day, nothing evokes thoughts of apples, cinnamon and cardamom like this...