#Apple Recipes

Apple Pie From Grandma's Kitchen Recipe

Apple Pie from Grandma's Kitchen

By Elaine Bovender
There's nothing that says "home" quite like a nice, home-baked apple pie. This recipe was...

Apple Pie Mix Bars Recipe

Apple Pie Mix Bars

By Barb Wandrey
I received this recipe from a co-worker back in the late 80's. It travels very well...

Apple Pie Muffins Recipe

Apple Pie Muffins

By Wendy Rusch
I'm not really a muffin person...but when asked to make them, I do make some good...

Apple Pie Pastries Recipe

Apple Pie Pastries

By Cassie *
These little pastries are so flaky and good. I made these for Church and everyone loved...

Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe

Apple Pie Smoothie

By Jo Zimny
I love smoothies and the combination of cashews and apples is really nice together. This is...

Apple Pie Snickerdoodles Recipe

Apple Pie Snickerdoodles

By Jennifer Young
This is a delicious, easy-to-make cookie that has all the flavors of apple pie. Great for...

Apple Pie Stacks Recipe

Apple pie stacks

By deb baldwin
This recipe was from Cin Straw. This is a pie stack. I have never heard of...

Apple Pie Stuffed Cheesecake Recipe

Apple Pie Stuffed Cheesecake

By Christine Hadden
No you are not dreaming, this is really a cheesecake that is stuffed with the deliciousness...

Apple Pie Turnover Snack Recipe

Apple Pie Turnover Snack

This recipe was in my sandwich maker but can be made in a skillet by anyone...makes...

Apple Pie-riccotta Toast Recipe

Apple Pie-Riccotta Toast

By Anna B.
This recipe gives an apple pie a healthy makeover! It replaces refined sugars, unhealthy fats, and...

Apple Pork Loin Recipe

Apple Pork Loin

By Kimberly Kolligs
I don't really eat pork a lot... usually. But apples can make anything amazing! So juicy...