#Apple Recipes

1920's 104 Radio Recipe #23, Thanksgiving Pie

1920's 104 Radio REcipe #23, "Thanksgiving pie"

By Jennifer Ellis
This recipe was posted during a radio show, where people would sometimes "play" Betty Crocker, or...

Always Perfect Apple Pie Recipe

Always Perfect Apple Pie

By Brad Nichols
A must have for every major holiday, this pie comes out perfectly every time...and it doesn't...

Apfel Kuchen (apple Cake) Recipe

Apfel Kuchen (apple cake)

By Shelly Weirauch Ferguson
This is my great grossmutter Weirauch's recipe. She came over to America from Germany as a...

Apple  And Swiss  Cheese  Grilled Sandwich Recipe


By Nancy J. Patrykus
This is a gourmet spin on the classic Grilled Cheese sandwich. It is savory,sweet,and delicious! Hope you enjoy...

Apple  Cooked In A Microwave Recipe

APPLE cooked in a microwave

By Beth M.
Apples are a favorite fruit, and on a cold winter day I was craving something delicious...