Appetizer Recipes

Cucumber Subs Recipe

Cucumber Subs

By Eileen Hineline
What a great idea, Cucumber subs! Sometimes it is good to skip the bread. This recipe...

Sausage Cheese Balls Recipe

Sausage Cheese Balls

By C P
A new creation of mine, sausage cheese balls, these are honestly fantastic when in a hurry...

Ceviche Recipe


By Heidi Edwards
My Son's Father who is Originally from Mexico once showed me how to make this. ...

Olive-cheese Balls Recipe

Olive-Cheese Balls

By Russ Myers
Serve these tiny olive breads as a pre-dinner snack with a glass of wine or a...

Chicken Parm Balls Recipe

Chicken Parm Balls

By Renée G.
These make great appetizers, dinner starters, game day munchies, or even served over a mound of...