Appetizer Recipes

Slow cooked kielbasa sausage Recipe

Slow cooked kielbasa sausage

By Brittanie Masters

Perfect for pot lucks if you triple the ingredients. I'm making this for my baby shower...

French Dip Recipe

French Dip

By Nelda Carnley

I got this recipe from, but it is so good I had to share it....

Egg Plant - Quinoa Caviar Recipe

Egg Plant - Quinoa Caviar

By Renée G.

I have only within the past couple of years been experimenting with quinoa. I have...

Baked Italian Sandwich Recipe

Baked Italian Sandwich


I got the inspiration for this one from Gale's Antipasto Squares! I really want to try...

Onion Meatballs Recipe

Onion Meatballs


The Great Value Walmart brand of meatballs works great for this. Serve over rice or noodles as...

~ Summery B L T Dip ~ Or Sandwich Spread Recipe

~ Summery B L T Dip ~ Or Sandwich Spread

By Cassie *

A great refreshing dip or spread for's especially good with home grown tomatoes. I love...