Appetizer Recipes

Authentic Italian Stromboli Recipe

Authentic Italian Stromboli

Mary Beam
By Mary Beam

The beautiful thing about stromboli, is you can layer in whatever ingredients you like. I was...

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Grilled Pizza Mini's Recipe

Grilled Pizza Mini's

Colleen Sowa
By Colleen Sowa

These easy little pizza minin's are fun to make and fun to eat! If your family likes...

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Coconut Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Coconut Chicken Nuggets

Linda Griffith
By Linda Griffith

This is another good appetizer that we have enjoyed over the years. When my husband...

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Frickles (Texas Style) Recipe

Frickles (Texas Style)

Kim Biegacki
By Kim Biegacki

Finally got a deep fryer and made these tonight and everyone loved them. Leave it to...

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Jan W
By Jan W

Originally made with ham and swiss, but can switch up filling combinations: salami & provolone, sandwich...

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Summer Veggie Pizza Recipe

Summer Veggie Pizza

Ginger Marks
By Ginger Marks

My boys (4,12&13) are not big on eating veggies, but they absolutely loved this recipe!

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Grilled & Stuffed Squash Recipe

Grilled & Stuffed Squash

Holly Grier
By Holly Grier

We always have an abundance of crookneck squash each year in our garden. I started...

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Steamed Clams with garlic butter Recipe

Steamed Clams with garlic butter

Deneece Gursky
By Deneece Gursky

My husband Philip loved steamed clams with garlic butter. This was the way he liked them...

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Bacon wrapped grilled asparagus Recipe

Bacon wrapped grilled asparagus

Danielle Matthews
By Danielle Matthews

LOVE this! Its a little time consuming because the asparagus has to be cooked slow and...

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