Appetizer Recipes for Picture Perfect Parties

Egg Rolls Recipe

Egg Rolls

By Debra Russell

We love egg rolls at our house.Making them myself saves money.The best thing about this for...

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Party Corn Dip Recipe

Party Corn Dip

By Michelle Perez

OMG.. this is AMAZING. Can't get enough of it. Each of my children want their OWN...

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Cool Pineapple Delight By Freda Recipe

Cool Pineapple Delight By Freda


Someone say, "NO BAKE"?? This is a delight to Fix, the Creamy layers are all goodness!!! Everyone...

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Ooey Gooey Mac and Cheese Recipe

Ooey Gooey Mac and Cheese

By Samantha Jacobs

This baked mac and cheese is so creamy and delicious. It's great for a crock pot...

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Pig Candy Recipe

Pig Candy

By Hope Vaillancourt

Weird title. But oh so good! Lil smokies wrapped in bacon glazed with a brown sugar...

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Incredible Pimento Cheese Spread Recipe

Incredible Pimento Cheese Spread

By Shelley Simpson

This is my mother's version of Pimiento Cheese Spread. Just serve with your favorite crackers. This...

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