Appetizer Recipes

Baked Italian Sandwich Recipe

Baked Italian Sandwich

I got the inspiration for this one from Gale's Antipasto Squares! I really want to try...

Collecting And Saving Herbs Recipe

Collecting and Saving Herbs

By Andy Anderson !
Most good chefs use herbs in their culinary creations… that’s a given. Herbs can be fresh...

Spring Hill Ranch's Refried Bean Dip Recipe

Spring Hill Ranch's Refried Bean Dip

By Wiley P
This is absolutely the best bean dip anywhere. Enjoy it with tortilla chips, or add some...

Charred Harissa Chicken Wings Recipe

Charred Harissa Chicken Wings

By Krista Towns
Slow cooking the chicken wings after charring makes them extra tender and delicious! These would...

Easy Caprese Salads Recipe

Easy Caprese Salads

By Colleen Sowa
This recipe is a guideline for two types of Easy Caprese Salads. The amounts given are...