Appetizer Recipes

Curry Almond Cheese Spread Recipe

Curry Almond Cheese Spread

Jamallah Bergman
By Jamallah Bergman

An old round tin makes an ideal container for this sweetly spiced dip. Place the spread...

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Bestest Cheeseball EVER!!! Recipe

Bestest Cheeseball EVER!!!

Sheri Kopp Yonenaka
By Sheri Kopp Yonenaka

This cheese ball is delicious anytime. It used to be a Thanksgiving only treat but now...

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Fruited Swiss Dip Recipe

Fruited Swiss Dip

By S I

I found this in one of my cookbooks and made it for a few get-togethers and...

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Beef and Walnut Cheese ball Recipe

Beef and Walnut Cheese ball

Brandi Brothers
By Brandi Brothers

This was a standared Christmas gift from my Grandmother every year along with a box of...

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Chipped Beef Cheese Ball Recipe

Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

Suzanna Drum
By Suzanna Drum

I make this for every special occasion- even my own wedding. For special events- make a...

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Jewel Hall
By Jewel Hall

Christmas and New Years is a time I enjoy Cheese Balls with a little bite. Hope...

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Cheese Whiz Sandwich Recipe

Cheese Whiz Sandwich

annie Melton
By annie Melton

This is a tasty little treat that is good for an after school treat. Your toddlers will...

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Cream Cheese Olives Recipe

Cream Cheese Olives

becky henderson
By becky henderson

I got this recipe from a friend from my Sunday School class. Easy and very festive...

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Gram's Hungarian Kiffle Recipe

Gram's Hungarian Kiffle

Kim Martin
By Kim Martin

This is a recipe handed down from generation to generation originating in Hungary. When I make...

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Tortilla Pinwheels Recipe

Tortilla Pinwheels

Gayle Kennedy
By Gayle Kennedy

This is a great's easy and fun and a crowd pleaser at any party. What's...

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