Appetizer Recipes for Picture Perfect Parties

Honey Nut Chicken Strips Recipe

Honey Nut Chicken Strips

By Melissa Sperka

This recipe evolved out of a need one evening. My son wanted chicken strips for dinner,...

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Slow Baked Chicken Wings Recipe

Slow Baked Chicken Wings

By Mary Ann Hanson

Please note the title of this recipe. "Slow baked...". Yes you could speed this up. This...

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Polynesian Glazed Chicken Wings Recipe

Polynesian Glazed Chicken Wings

By V Seward

These are a must have at any football gathering or tailgating party. The wings are super...

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Bacon Chicken Wraps Recipe

Bacon Chicken Wraps

By Deborah Mackrodt

This is another football party finger food that I'm asked to make all the time.The bacon...

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