Appetizer Recipes for Picture Perfect Parties

Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Smoked Salmon Dip

Marilyn Davidson
By Marilyn Davidson

I actually did invent this one...I prefer a piece of smoked salmon or a can of...

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Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

Shrimp Cocktail

Sandy Mika
By Sandy Mika

My friend Edwardo gave me this recipe, a wonderful man from Equador. The juice from this...

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Game Day Fire Cracker Shrimp Recipe

Game Day Fire Cracker Shrimp

Carol White
By Carol White

Large Shrimp dredge in season flour before frying, it adds an extra dimension of crispiness and...

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Bacon Crab Cakes Recipe

Bacon Crab Cakes

Melissa Baldan
By Melissa Baldan

At my house we believe that bacon makes everything better! So I figured, why not Crab...

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Ham & Pistachio Roll Ups Recipe

Ham & Pistachio Roll Ups

Martha Price
By Martha Price

These roll ups go great on a buffet table or as nibbles at a cocktail party,...

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