Vegetable Appetizer Recipes

Maria's Guacamole Recipe

Maria's Guacamole

Maria Rundquist
By Maria Rundquist

I love aguacates, grew up in the Yucatan Peninsula, where the aguacates (avocados) grows in people's backyards....

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Bacon wrapped grilled asparagus Recipe

Bacon wrapped grilled asparagus

Danielle Matthews
By Danielle Matthews

LOVE this! Its a little time consuming because the asparagus has to be cooked slow and...

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Corn salad Recipe

Corn salad

Lynn Socko
By Lynn Socko

This is also for the Mystery Box challenge this week 8/29. This was so good...

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Eggplant Dip/Raita - My Family Recipe

Eggplant Dip/Raita - My Family Recipe

Grishma Shah
By Grishma Shah

Today I am sharing my family recipe which has been passed to generations from my grandma...

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Spicy Mexican Wraps Recipe

Spicy Mexican Wraps

Juanita Morrow
By Juanita Morrow

These are so, so yummy.....I have yet to see anyone refuse, you can't eat just one!...

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Mama's Pizza Pie Recipe

Mama's Pizza Pie

Lynn Socko
By Lynn Socko

This is for the Sammie challenge using pizza dough and walnuts. I crushed the walnuts...

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Italian Herb Cheesy Squash Puffs Recipe

Italian Herb Cheesy Squash Puffs

Becky Hudgins
By Becky Hudgins

We love these with a cream soup.They are even good with breakfast instead of toast or...

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Caprese Salad Bites-Annette's Recipe

Caprese Salad Bites-Annette's

Annette W.
By Annette W.

One of our favorite summertime salads is Caprese Salad. I mean we can't get enough of...

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Oven Baked Egg Rolls Recipe

Oven Baked Egg Rolls

Linda Dalton
By Linda Dalton

I have been playing around with baking (not frying) egg rolls and have figured out the...

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Garden Stew (Ratatouille) Recipe

Garden Stew (Ratatouille)

Deb Crane
By Deb Crane

Bountiful garden produce make a perfect vegetable stew! This recipe is versatile and can be served...

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