Garlic, Onion & Cheese Tarts

Cindy Berry


This is a great appetizer! Drizzling creme fraishe over the individual tarts looks nice too. I don't use creme fraishe because I love garlic, onion and cheese flavors and think the creme fraishe cuts those flavors. The guyere cheese is wonderful, a little more pricey than swiss cheese but well worth it. Very decadent! Enjoy!

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makes 12
35 Min
30 Min


2 bunch
1 c
swiss or guyere cheese
salt and pepper to taste
pie crust
3 Tbsp
creme fraiche (if want)


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1Prepare your pie crust recipe and refrigerate while making rest of recipe.

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2Take all the cloves of garlic from 2 heads and peel.
If you have a garlic peeler that is fine, but I used a knife and smashed them a bit because you want them in chunks or pieces.

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3Peel and slice up 2 medium onions.

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4In a saute' pan (frying pan) add 3 T of butter, garlic and onions. Salt and pepper to taste. Saute' until really well carmelized on a low heat. Don't want to burn. About 20 min. Turn off heat.

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5While garlic and onion are carmelizing, roll out your pie crust. Cut it into 4 x 4 squares. Your going to need 12 of them.

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6To the carmelized garlic and onions add 1 cup of swiss cheese and mix well.

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7To each 4 x 4 square of pie crust you are going to put a heaping spoon of the carmelized garlic and onion mix. Cut the corners of the square and pin wheel around the garlic and onion mix. Place on a cookie sheet.

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8Bake at 350 for approximately 30 min. until pie crust turns a golden brown.