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This is a great start of your Thanksgiving Feast. While waiting for the "real" turkey to come out. This is a munchie for the kiddies as well as the adults to enjoy.

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romaine or leaf lettuce
cucumber, sliced
red bell pepper
yellow bell pepper
green bell pepper
bag of baby carrots
black beans or black olives
1/3 celery stalk

Directions Step-By-Step

Start with your peppers. Cut each one into slices - crosswise - forming rings. Then cut each ring in half. (Save the bottoms of the peppers for later... they'll form the turkey body!!) Cut a piece of the red pepper - about 1/2 inch - to use later for the turkey face.
Get started laying things out by first laying lettuce leaves across your platter until the surface is completely covered. Start forming "feathers" by creating a circle out of your cucumber slices toward the bottom of the platter. Above them, take your red peppers and make a half-circle. Do the same with the yellow and then green peppers. Next, use your baby carrots in a row above the pepper row... laying them down vertically not horizontally.
Next, create the turkey's "body" and "face." Identify where you'd like to place the "eyes" and insert 1/2 a toothpick into those two spots. Black beans will create the eyes, so push a single bean onto the end of each toothpick...being careful that the toothpick doesn't go all the way through.

Create a "beak" by cutting a triangle out of the bottom of the yellow pepper that you set aside. Using a toothpick, attach it just below the "eyes." Then, take the small red pepper slice you set aside at the beginning and use a toothpick to place it just left of your "beak."
Create your "legs" with the celery stalk that have been cut in half the long way. Form the "feet" by making two slices from the end of each stalk to just before the center. Soak them in an ice water bath in the fridge until the ends begin to curl up. When ready, positing the "legs" so that they're protruding from underneath the cucumber layer. Now... you're ready to serve! Dunk into your favorite dip and enjoy!!!

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Main Ingredient: Vegetable
Regional Style: American
Dietary Needs: Vegetarian
Other Tags: Quick & Easy, For Kids, Healthy
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Pamela Thompson spinetingler
Feb 1, 2013
Oh, I see. I apologize as I have seen this idea in many places. I didn't realize it was your original creation. I have been making this for years. Thank you for sharing that information.
Kristi Winkels kristi1
Feb 1, 2013
You should know that this is copyrighted material from and I am the original author. I am thrilled when people share my ideas with proper credit and a link back to the original post. You can find the original recipe here:
Maribeth Kelly kellyact
Nov 28, 2012
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Pamela Thompson spinetingler
Nov 24, 2012
Thank you Maribeth for your comment. You were extra kind. I am thrilled that you and your friends enjoyed the turkey relish tray. It is fun sharing our ideas. Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!
Maribeth Kelly kellyact
Nov 23, 2012
What a beautiful and creative dish! I do not have a creative bone in my body, and am amazed by those who do! Your picture and directions were fabulous! I actually made and took this to a friends Thanksgiving celebration with 38 people. It was a HUGE hit!! I can recommend this highly for the creative impaired!!! Thanks for this beautiful and tasty relish tray!! Happy holidays to you and your family!