Caprese Salad

Vera Cardia


You can use regular mozzarella cheese, but the flavor will not be as enhanced as when using fresh soft and milky mozzarella balls. The latter is what makes this salad. In Pensacola I find mozzarella balls at Joe Patti's and the Navy Commissary. Wal-Mart carries mozzarella brades, which are OK to use. You can find the balls at any Italian store. Enjoy!

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4 people


10 Min


1 lb
vine tomatoes sliced
1 Tbsp
2 - 3
fresh mozzarella balls sliced
salt, powder red pepper, olive oil
fresh basil, pressed garlic

Directions Step-By-Step

Slice tomatoes and mozzarella balls, and arrange as in photo. Decorate with capers, basil, sprinkle with salt, garlic, pepper and pour olive oil over salad. Let marinate before serving with Italian or French Bread as appetizer or with your main course.

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