Seafood Appetizer Recipes

Grilled Oysters Recipe

Grilled Oysters

Greg Honeycutt
By Greg Honeycutt

unless you're a bit odd like me, you might not have some of the ingredients ready...

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Easy shrimp dip Recipe

Easy shrimp dip

Kristy Thums
By Kristy Thums

This is served at my mother in laws house and she has to make 4 trays...

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shrimp bits Recipe

shrimp bits

Diane Eldridge
By Diane Eldridge

i needed something fast aand easy to make that tasted like ya worked hrs to make...BINGO!!!!

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Tuna Cakes: The Poor Girl's Crab Cakes Recipe

Tuna Cakes: The Poor Girl's Crab Cakes

Sara Sosa
By Sara Sosa

So yummy, easy, & cheap! If you can get the Bolthouse Farm's Caesar Parmigiano dressing,...

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Shrimp Cocktail By Freda Recipe

Shrimp Cocktail By Freda


We love Shrimp cocktail anytime of the year. Some times we fix this with a baked...

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Shrimp cocktail Recipe

Shrimp cocktail

Raquel Medrano
By Raquel Medrano

my husband brought me a cocktail from a local mexican restaurant...i basically looked at ingredients and...

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Butterflied, Pancetta-Tied Fantails Recipe

Butterflied, Pancetta-Tied Fantails

Jana Leys
By Jana Leys

SHRIMP & BACON!! Pancetta wrapped shrimp stuffed with creamy polenta... A finger food to please your...

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Easy Egg Salad Recipe

Easy Egg Salad

Jami Lynn
By Jami Lynn

This is so quick and easy. Its a yummy lunch idea when you want something quick...

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Seafood Pastry Rounds Recipe

Seafood Pastry Rounds

Margaret Ruhl
By Margaret Ruhl

I got this recipe at a Pampered Chef kitchen show, and have always enjoyed making and...

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Salmon Patties Recipe

Salmon Patties

Shawn A Reed
By Shawn A Reed

These are always requested when my Ashley comes home for break from Penn State:) It so...

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