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Grilled Oysters, No shell needed!

By Linda Rider countrylink

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Linda's Story

I couldn't find a good grill recipe for these tender morsels, so I created one... they turned out wonderful!


14 medium
4 Tbsp
butter, room temperature
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4 clove
1 tsp
parsley flakes
1 tsp
cajun seasoning

Directions Step-By-Step

Cover a piece of grilling mesh with heavy aluminum foil making rimmed edges so the juices are contained. Oil lightly. Prepare wood charcoal grill adding any wood smoke that you like with seafood or chicken.
Mix butter, crushed garlic, parsley and Cajun spice (or any spices you prefer)
Drain a dozen or so of oysters, dry each with paper towel and place on oiled aluminum foil. Dot each one with the butter mixture.
When outdoor grill is ready, cook oysters on indirect heat, turning occasionally, checking for firmness. Move each one over the coals and brown until they show grill marks and turn a slight brownish red color.
Serve with hot sauce or any of your favorite dipping sauce for oysters. ENJOY :)

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