Seafood Appetizer Recipes

Valley Green's Southern-style Crab Cakes Recipe

Valley Green's Southern-style Crab Cakes

Cindy DeVore
By Cindy DeVore

I can't take total credit for these luscious crab cakes. They are a combination of many...

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Crab Cheese Ball Recipe

Crab Cheese Ball

Deonn McCain
By Deonn McCain

This is one of those recipes that over the years we have adapted. My husband likes...

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Mini Apetizers By Freda Recipe

Mini Apetizers By Freda


These Might be Mini But with Full sized Flavor. With Tons of Cherry Tomatoes in the...

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Crab Rangoons - Chicken Vanco's Recipe

Crab Rangoons - Chicken Vanco's

Miranda Moreo
By Miranda Moreo

I have always loved these as a starter with Asian dishes or even just fried rice....

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Horseradish Crab dip Recipe

Horseradish Crab dip

Danielle Matthews
By Danielle Matthews

My mothers friend brought this to a picnic one year and I make it frequently. I...

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Quesedillas from Leftovers Recipe

Quesedillas from Leftovers

Melanie B
By Melanie B

I love to make quesedillas because it is really like a hot sandwich of sorts. Add...

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empanadas Recipe


fatima gomez
By fatima gomez

this recipe is my mother's. She has taught me so many things and this recipe is...

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