Appetizer Recipes

Potato and Spinach Bocconcini Recipe

Potato and Spinach Bocconcini

By mike sabella

mike sabella

Growing up in a Sicilian family in San Francisco's North Beach was special. I spent every...

Meatless Nachos Recipe

Meatless Nachos

By Lillian Patterson

Lillian Patterson

Don't get me wrong, I love beef, but sometimes it's so expensive and I'm lazy and...

Jambalaya Recipe


By Sheri Raleigh-Yearby

Sheri Raleigh-Yearby

Jamalaya is a Louisiana Creole favorite! You can serve this as an appetizer in a...

Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders Recipe

Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders

By Rhonda Gibson

Rhonda Gibson

These delicious little delights are great for a picnic, a party, a main dish or just...

Bacon-Horseradish Chip Dip Recipe

Bacon-Horseradish Chip Dip

By Laura Harrison

Laura Harrison

This is our family dip recipe. We have it at every family gathering, and it's just...

Sweet Potato Biscuits , Millie's Recipe

Sweet Potato Biscuits , Millie's

By Millie Johnson

Millie Johnson

I first had these little biscuits at a quaint mountain restaurant. This is my own version...