Fruit Appetizer Recipes

Fruit Kabobs Recipe

Fruit Kabobs

By Kim Biegacki

Another creation for my dear sweet nephew Noah who is primarly vegetarian except for his chicken...

Rainbow Fruit Cup Recipe

Rainbow Fruit Cup

By Paul Bushay

This is a tasty appetizer or refreshing dessert, Can't find fresh mint. Soak 1/2tsp dry mint...

Apple Cranberry Galette Recipe

Apple Cranberry Galette

By Teresa Jacobson

A galette is basically a free-formed one crust pie. It can be a dessert, main dish...

Strawberry Soup w/Pound Cake Croutons Recipe

Strawberry Soup w/Pound Cake Croutons

By Jan W

From WQED's "From the Garden" cookbook. This is a nice refreshing soup, good way to use those...

Guava and Cheese Appetizers Recipe

Guava and Cheese Appetizers

By Kim Biegacki

My first experience eating Guava paste was when I took a class in college 2004 called...

Limoncello and Arancello (lemon and orange liquers) Recipe

Limoncello and Arancello (lemon and orange liquers)

By Colleen Sowa

Limoncello and Arancello are Italian liquers for cocktails, cooking, recipes and baking... but also good on...

Lemon Pickles with Spices Recipe

Lemon Pickles with Spices

By Colleen Sowa

This is a versatile pickle... eat as is or in recipes... or as a garnish. I love...

Chilled Peach Soup Recipe

Chilled Peach Soup

By Scott Anderson

Here is another fun summer recipe that will certainly cool off the most discerning of palettes....