Fruit Appetizer Recipes

Fall Apple Dip Recipe

Fall Apple Dip

Jane Whittaker
By Jane Whittaker

I love this beacause it has lovely crunchy apples, and a sweet, nutty creamy dip. I...

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Fruited Swiss Dip Recipe

Fruited Swiss Dip

By S I

I found this in one of my cookbooks and made it for a few get-togethers and...

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fruit pizza Recipe

fruit pizza

Renee Sparkenbaugh
By Renee Sparkenbaugh

a delicious and cool treat for all ages and very easy to choose the...

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Holiday Surprise Fruit Pizza Recipe

"Holiday Surprise Fruit Pizza"


These are fun to make in holiday colors and your guests will wow you, and think...

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Super-Simple Cranberry Salsa! Recipe

Super-Simple Cranberry Salsa!

kim *
By kim *

Years ago a friend of mine brought this to a pre Thanksgiving gathering, and everyone was...

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Apple Berry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips Recipe

Apple Berry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

Terrie Hoelscher
By Terrie Hoelscher

This is a delicious snack, especially in the summer when strawberries are plentiful. It makes a...

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