Appetizer Recipes

Get your party started with these tasty appetizer recipes from party-savvy cooks all across the country!


Spanakopita -- easy & lower fat than others Recipe

Spanakopita -- easy & lower fat than others

By Heidi Hoerman

Spanakopita is a Greek spinach pie. Its main ingredients are spinach, feta cheese, eggs, butter...

Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena) Recipe

Italian Easter Pie (Pizza Chena)

By Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin

Pizza Chena (made with Italian meats, cheeses, and eggs) is a staple on every Italian Easter...

BLT Pizza Recipe

BLT Pizza

By Janice Splaha

Who doesn't like BLT's? Who doesn't like pizza? Nobody in my house, that's for sure.

Super Easy Baked Falafel (Chick Pea Patties) Recipe

Super Easy Baked Falafel (Chick Pea Patties)

By Heidi Hoerman

These falafel are baked and lightly sweetened through the inclusion of sweet potato making them a...

Mushroom Wontons Recipe

Mushroom Wontons

By Russ Myers

A great appetizer that you can make ahead of time -- they're healthier because they're baked!

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

By Carrie Tuck

I make this every year for a work party. A double batch is gone before everyone...