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Healthy Ziti And Chicken Recipe

Healthy ziti and chicken

By sherry monfils
This is my mothers recipe. She has diabeties and tries to have healthy recipes that are...

Whole Wheat Allspiced Ginger Cookies Recipe

Whole wheat allspiced ginger cookies

By maria maxey
AS the holidays approching grandbabies are getting anchious about they time to share their...

Taco Cheesecake Recipe


By Lucille Hoerle
I have made this for many potlucks/parties and I have had to give out the recipe...

Roc A Mar Shrimp Recipe

roc a mar shrimp

By nellie rickey
This is a family favorite..came form a friend who studied culinary skill in mexico..smaller shrimp work...

Spicy Tomatoes Recipe

spicy tomatoes

By nellie rickey
I got this recipe from a church cookbook many years back..It is such a good pot...

Mud Hen Bars Recipe

Mud Hen Bars

By Betty Graves
Found this recipe in Maw Maw's Old Church Cookbook and have enjoyed making it ever since....