Sugar Recipes

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies Recipe

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies

Annamaria Settanni McDonald
By Annamaria Settanni McDonald

Lofthouse Sugar cookies are those soft cake like sugar cookies you find at the grocery store...

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Mamaw Soles Pecan Puffs Recipe

Mamaw Soles Pecan Puffs

Stacey Exley
By Stacey Exley

This recipe has been passed down three generations now that I know of and I just...

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Cream Pie - Mimi's Recipe

Cream Pie - Mimi's

Diane Hopson Smith
By Diane Hopson Smith

This easy cream pie could be eaten as a pudding, but then again who wants to...

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Raspberry Muffins Recipe

Raspberry Muffins

Ashlee Christopher
By Ashlee Christopher

These are just one of the simple skinny recipes I offer on my blog come and...

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Soft Sugar Cookies Recipe

Soft Sugar Cookies

Cherie Szilvagyi
By Cherie Szilvagyi

Soft, frosted and great sugar cookies for the holidays or any occasion. Laurie passed this...

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Pigs 'n' Blankets Recipe

Pigs 'n' Blankets

Amy Alusa
By Amy Alusa

You can make these of course with frozen bread dough, Pillsbury crescent rolls or even biscuits...

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Virginia's Molasses Cookies- Recipe 100 Years Old

Virginia's Molasses Cookies- Recipe 100 Years Old

Family Favorites
By Family Favorites

My grandmother, Virginia, was a culinary instructor until her passing at over 100 years. This recipe...

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