Spicy Recipes

Tamale Balls Recipe

Tamale Balls

Stacey Lawson
By Stacey Lawson

Whenever we have a get together I am asked to bring tamale balls. Here in New...

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Popeye's Cajun Rice Recipe

Popeye's Cajun Rice

Judy Martin
By Judy Martin

Originating in New Orleans, Popeye's is the name of a fast food chain specializing in New...

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Tangy and spicy kimchi Recipe

Tangy and spicy kimchi

sherry monfils
By sherry monfils

This is a korean cabbage side dish that I fell in love w/at a korean restaurant....

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 Rockin' the Ranch Eggs Recipe

" Rockin' the Ranch" Eggs

Cindy Smith Bryson
By Cindy Smith Bryson

My Hubs could eat eggs every day, scrambled or fried, and he's happy! I need variety...

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Buffalo Style Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

Buffalo Style Chicken and Rice Soup

Julie Penman
By Julie Penman

This healthy and hearty soup combines the same great flavors of Frank's brand hot wings served...

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Super Tasty Taco Soup - Cassies Recipe

Super Tasty Taco Soup - Cassies

Cassie *
By Cassie *

Being that we're having a few chilly, rainy days...I thought it would be a good day...

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~ Spicy Herb Broiled Shrimp ~ Recipe

~ Spicy Herb Broiled Shrimp ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

Another awesome shrimp recipe. This can be served as an appetizer or main dish. Serve with...

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~ Thai Chicken & Broccoli Linguine Salad ~ Recipe

~ Thai Chicken & Broccoli Linguine Salad ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

A tasty salad that my whole family loves. Even my no peanut butter loving daughter likes...

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Creamy Cajun Chicken & Pasta Recipe

Creamy Cajun Chicken & Pasta

Sharon Vance
By Sharon Vance

If you like Cajun seasoning or something with tons of flavor, here's your dish! I...

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