Sandwiches Recipes

Cubanos - Cuban Sandwiches Recipe

Cubanos - Cuban Sandwiches

Diane C.
By Diane C.

My sister used to talk about these sandwiches. So I did some research and here's...

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Taco on a bun Recipe

Taco on a bun

Lynn Socko
By Lynn Socko

Like a change from your regular taco's? Try them on a bun instead of a...

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Luncheon/Party Finger Sandwhiches Recipe

Luncheon/Party Finger Sandwhiches

Shelley Simpson
By Shelley Simpson

This is a favorite of ours for gatherings such as baby showers, bridal showers or parties...

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BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Waco Family Favorite Recipe

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Waco Family Favorite

Michelle Waco
By Michelle Waco

This is a family favorite and in frequent rotation during the summertime in our household (Gotta...

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Egg Salad Triangles Recipe

Egg Salad Triangles

Tammy Todd
By Tammy Todd

I love, love, love these sandwiches! I have been making this for years and my children...

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Slow cooked brisket Recipe

Slow cooked brisket

Lynn Socko
By Lynn Socko

As much as I love smoked brisket, sometimes if the price is right I will buy...

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Tri Tip Roast and Potatoes Recipe

Tri Tip Roast and Potatoes

Donna Thiemann
By Donna Thiemann

My Tri Tip Roast comes out great every time. This recipe is adapted from Beef its...

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My Almost Famous Sliders Recipe

My Almost Famous Sliders

Lisa Thames
By Lisa Thames

I make these for parties and games, and they are always the first things to go!...

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Popeye Panini Recipe

Popeye Panini

Lisa Thames
By Lisa Thames

I adopted this from a great local sandwich shop. Absolutely delicious!

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Italian-Style Chicken Salad Recipe

Italian-Style Chicken Salad

Annie Leon
By Annie Leon

I love chicken and always look for ways to spice up leftovers. This recipe accomplishes...

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Jan W
By Jan W

Another one from WQED "One Skillet" cookbook...really good, really easy! Just put it in the...

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