Salty Recipes

Nutty Pickles Recipe

Nutty Pickles

By Kim Biegacki

Calling all pickle lovers!!!! Calling all pickle lovers!!!! One thing that I eat everyday is dill...

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Pretzel Crust Fudge Brownie Recipe

Pretzel Crust Fudge Brownie

By Sue H

This is a sweet chocolately salty caramely treat that will make you go yum. The salt...

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Baked Crunchy Hotwings Recipe

Baked Crunchy Hotwings

By Areatha Daniels

I love hotwings, NOT THE KIND THAT BURNS YOUR MOUTH OFF, but the lightly spicy kind....

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Quahog Chowder -pronounced ko-hog Recipe

Quahog Chowder -pronounced "ko-hog"

By Beth M.

Made with a hard-shelled,thick shelled American clam. We can dig for these in the salt pond...

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Thai Miang Khem Style Salad Recipe

Thai "Miang Khem" Style Salad

By Malee Holland

This salad is my "farong"-friendly version of a perennial favorite Thai snack called "Miang Khem," which...

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Fleur De Sel Cupcakes Recipe

Fleur De Sel Cupcakes

By Ann Marie Leitner

This recipe is a product of what I like to call "Frankenstein baking". I had an...

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