Rice Recipes

Stove Top Rice Pudding Recipe

Stove Top Rice Pudding

maureen gorman
By maureen gorman

This recipe was given to me long ago and it has been passed around for years....

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Stuffed Pepper Soup Recipe

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Gail Herbest
By Gail Herbest

YUMMY! tastes like stuffed green peppers. It is easy to make and it's hearty and...

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Onion Rice Casserole Recipe

Onion Rice Casserole

Michelle Perez
By Michelle Perez

So simple to make. FANTASTIC side dish, and my kids LOVE IT! (that's all that matters)

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Crawfish Etouffee - Louisiana's Best Recipe

Crawfish Etouffee - Louisiana's Best

Donna Graffagnino
By Donna Graffagnino

This traditional New Orleans recipe was handed down by my mother. Made from scratch, the simplicity...

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Broccoli Rice Casserole Recipe

Broccoli Rice Casserole

Tracy Mulrenan
By Tracy Mulrenan

This was always a favorite of mine at family gatherings. Its great hot or slightly cooled...

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Armenian Pilaf (Nasseroni) Recipe

Armenian Pilaf (Nasseroni)

Linda Walter
By Linda Walter

i married into a Lebanese family...wow...because my family is Jewish.......our last name was Nasser...so i renamed...

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Texas Hash Recipe

Texas Hash

Gail Springsteen
By Gail Springsteen

This recipe was in my very first cookbook I received as a wedding shower present. That...

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