Refreshing Recipes

Maggie's Everything Slaw Recipe

Maggie's Everything Slaw

By Callie Godwin

Had everything to make cole slaw plus a lot of home grown veggies. So I made...

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Strawberry Julius Recipe

Strawberry Julius

By Domestic Goddess

I came across this recipe at, it was posted by: MommaWeb5ter. This Strawberry Julius is...

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Old-Fashioned Orange Sherbet Recipe

Old-Fashioned Orange Sherbet

By Angela Gray

My mother-in-law,Betty, made this out of a 1950's orange juice advertisement she got in the mail....

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Grandma A's Lime Gelatin Salad Recipe

Grandma A's Lime Gelatin Salad

By Pam Ellingson

This is a salad my Grandmother Achenbach made for us almost every time we went to...

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Cherry Limeade Pie Recipe

Cherry Limeade Pie

By Leah Stacey

Cherry Limeades are my favorite drinks! I thought why not make a pie that taste like...

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Healthier Shortcakes Recipe

Healthier Shortcakes

By Melissa Baldan

I love Shortcake in the Summer...But My figure doesn't. So, I came up with a refreshing...

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