Ramen Recipes

Chinese Fried Noodles Recipe

Chinese Fried Noodles

By April Huff

These Chinese Fried Noodles are awsome! Kids love it, and it is quick, cheap, and super...

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Asian Noodle Soup Recipe

Asian Noodle Soup

By Karla Everett

This soup is quick and easy to make when you have left over meat. I used...

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Yum Yum Noodles Recipe

Yum Yum Noodles

By Tricia Suyeto

This recipe was made actually by my 20yrs old son, when he was 5yrs old. Hope...

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Sausage Ramen Dish Recipe

Sausage Ramen Dish

By Karla Everett

My oldest daughter Jeannie taught me how to make this years ago when she was a...

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Asian Beef Noodles Recipe

Asian Beef Noodles

By Kathy Smolkovich

This recipe comes from one of my Pampered Chef cookbooks. Chicken may be substituted for beef,...

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Spicy Ramen Saute Recipe

Spicy Ramen Saute

By Joshua Benjamin

This is a very in expensive dish that is also easy to make. Perfect for these...

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