Potlucks Recipes

Baked Spaghetti Recipe

Baked Spaghetti

Patti Smith
By Patti Smith

This is one of my all time favorites. It is fantastic to take to potlucks or...

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Caprese Salad Bites-Annette's Recipe

Caprese Salad Bites-Annette's

Annette W.
By Annette W.

One of our favorite summertime salads is Caprese Salad. I mean we can't get enough of...

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Pistachio Cake Recipe

Pistachio Cake

Julie Ewer
By Julie Ewer

Limited time & limited budget? This cake is for you. If you like Watergate Salad, you'll...

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Mom's Chicken Casserole Recipe

Mom's Chicken Casserole

Gwen Landon Ross
By Gwen Landon Ross

My mother-in-law gave me this recipe many years ago and said it was great for...

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Slinging Mud Pudding By Freda Recipe

Slinging Mud Pudding By Freda


"Lets get down and dirty", The Best Cool Potluck dessert around, and NO COOKIN too. Family...

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Joyce's Pasta Salad Recipe

Joyce's Pasta Salad

Linda McClellan
By Linda McClellan

I got this recipe from a good friend of mine that she brought to potluck dinners...

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Pumpkin Chess Squares Recipe

Pumpkin Chess Squares

Diane M.
By Diane M.

It doesn't get much simpler than this and the nice thing is these are ingredients that...

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Adobe Chicken-Annette's Recipe

Adobe Chicken-Annette's

Annette W.
By Annette W.

This is a great casserole for picnics or potlucks and it always impresses at dinner parties....

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Hash brown Casserole-Annette's Recipe

Hash brown Casserole-Annette's

Annette W.
By Annette W.

Easter dinner is not complete without these taters on the table. The pair well with ham....

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Savory Cheese Pie w/ Strawberry Preserves-Annette Recipe

Savory Cheese Pie w/ Strawberry Preserves-Annette

Annette W.
By Annette W.

There is NOTHING better than cream cheese, green onions and bacon together! This recipe has all...

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Corn Crap-Annette's Recipe

Corn Crap-Annette's

Annette W.
By Annette W.

The name comes from family always asking, "when are you going to make that corn crap?"...

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Min's Omg Chili! Recipe

Min's Omg Chili!

Mindy Sena
By Mindy Sena

I don't care for chili beans so I adapted my own recipe! I always get rav...

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Diane M's Loaded Chicken Salad Recipe

Diane M's Loaded Chicken Salad

Diane M.
By Diane M.

This is a delicious sweet and savory chicken salad. I like it because it is nice...

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Spam Musubi Recipe

Spam Musubi

Cliti Shepherd
By Cliti Shepherd

This is a favorite for Hawai'i everyone at one point of their lives made this,...

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