Pimento Recipes

Susan's Southern Style Pimento Cheese Recipe

Susan's Southern Style Pimento Cheese

By Fredia Dillard

Homemade pimento cheese always tastes better than store bought. Susan's is well worth the effort.

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Creamy Pimento Cheese Recipe

Creamy Pimento Cheese

By Paula Todora

Creamy and rich, full of flavor-it's my favorite recipe for pimento cheese-a true southern favorite.

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Down-Home Pimento-Cheese Sliders Recipe

Down-Home Pimento-Cheese Sliders

By Donna Bardocz

My mother said that every southern "born and raised" person knows how tasty taking a soft...

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Pimento Vegetable Salad Recipe

Pimento Vegetable Salad

By Lisa Pekala

I received this recipe from a neighbor during our annual subdivision get-together. My husband really liked...

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