Party Recipes

~ Cheddar Bacon Fries ~ Recipe

~ Cheddar Bacon Fries ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

I needed something quick and easy, so threw this together. I should have made a double...

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Baked Crab Party Dip Recipe

Baked Crab Party Dip

Leslie Coleman
By Leslie Coleman

Easy crowd pleaser that looks and smells as luscious as it tastes. I use imitation crab...

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White Russian Cupcake Recipe

White Russian Cupcake

Maggie May Schill
By Maggie May Schill

My friends run something called a Big Lebowski fest every year, which involves sitting around in...

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Giuseppe Pepperoni Rolls Recipe

"Giuseppe" Pepperoni Rolls

Megan Todd
By Megan Todd

I had this whole story typed out about this awesome pepperoni roll I ate as a...

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Pepperoni Pizza Dip Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Debbi Cook
By Debbi Cook

This dip is good for a Super Bowl party or any sort of entertaining/large gathering event....

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Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders Recipe

Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders

Rhonda Gibson
By Rhonda Gibson

These delicious little delights are great for a picnic, a party, a main dish or just...

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