Margarita Recipes

Margarita Cupcakes Recipe

Margarita Cupcakes

By Andrea Runnells

I don't share my recipes with anyone who knows me personally. I posted the picture of...

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Margarita Cookies Recipe

Margarita Cookies

By Karina Alcala

This recipe is an updated one of the original recipe. I like the original one but...

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Perfect Agave Margarita Recipe

Perfect Agave Margarita

By Bob Koch

Much research has caused me to determine that most Americans have been led down the 'preverbal'...

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Cindi's Yummy Margaritas Recipe

Cindi's Yummy Margaritas

By cindi broadus

Everyone I make these for love them. I am constantly being asked how to make these....

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Margarita Pie Recipe

Margarita Pie

By Terrie Hoelscher

This is a great summer pie, with a neat 'twist' on the crust. It's simple, light,...

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Redneck Margaritas Recipe

Redneck Margaritas

By Laurie Etheredge

These are a hit each and everytime I make them. No one can believe they are...

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