Lime Recipes

Key Lime Bread Recipe

Key Lime Bread

By Gail Herbest

This bread is AWESOME! I use fresh limes but you can use the bottled juice if...

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Meyer Lemon Lime Bars Recipe

Meyer Lemon Lime Bars

By Karla Everett

I got this recipe sometime back but haven't had a chance to make them but they...

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The Boss's Key Lime Pie Recipe

The Boss's Key Lime Pie

By Teresa Jacobson

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a dessert for the boss's...

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Margarita Cookies Recipe

Margarita Cookies

By Karina Alcala

This recipe is an updated one of the original recipe. I like the original one but...

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Coconut Lime Jelly Recipe

Coconut Lime Jelly

By Annemarie Fussell

My family loves to eat cream cheese,jelly,and crackers for appetizers at family parties. Being the Jelly...

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