Lemon Recipes

Crisp Pecan Slices Recipe

Crisp Pecan Slices

By Margaret Riley

These cookies are like the Pecan Sandies found in your supermarkets. Now you can make your...

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Chiffon Sheet Cake Starter Recipe

Chiffon Sheet Cake Starter

By Andy Anderson

Is this a traditional chiffon cake… Well… Kinda… Chiffon cake is a very light cake that...

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Blintz Brownie Bites Recipe

Blintz Brownie Bites

By Angie Forester

Ever wondered what the filling of a cheese blintz would taste like with a chewy chocolate-y...

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Mom's Lemon Pucker Pie Recipe

Mom's Lemon Pucker Pie

By Shelia Senghas

Mom always said, “When life hands you lemons…bake a lemon pie!” All through our life each...

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