Krispies Recipes

Easter Egg Treats Recipe

Easter Egg Treats

Carol Morrison
By Carol Morrison

I love white chocolate so I melted the chocolate with two different food colors and drizzle...

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Skillet Date Cookies Recipe

Skillet Date Cookies

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch

I got this recipe from my younger sister. She calls them Angel Cookies. The filling...

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Awesome Rice Krispie Cookies Recipe

Awesome Rice Krispie Cookies

Lisa Love
By Lisa Love

I was making my millionth batch of Rice Krispie cookies and I wondered how I could...

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Reeses Krispies Recipe

Reeses Krispies

Tamara Martin
By Tamara Martin

I found this recipe on pinterest and just had to share! It's yummy!It originally came from...

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Butterscotch Krispy Goody Bars Recipe

Butterscotch Krispy Goody Bars

Catherine Thompson Floyd
By Catherine Thompson Floyd

Cookie crust, marshmallow center, nutty butterscotch top. Bars similar to these were at my local bakery...

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