Holiday Recipes

Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders Recipe

Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders

Rhonda Gibson
By Rhonda Gibson

These delicious little delights are great for a picnic, a party, a main dish or just...

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Twinkle LittleStar
By Twinkle LittleStar

This cheesy, meaty lasagna is so delicious, but takes so much less time and clean-up than...

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Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Log Roll - Dee Dee's Recipe

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Log Roll - Dee Dee's

Diane Hopson Smith
By Diane Hopson Smith

My sister and I use to get together and make these for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fun bonding...

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Heavenly Cinnamon Pecan Turnover Recipe

Heavenly Cinnamon Pecan Turnover

Teresa Jacobson
By Teresa Jacobson

These turnovers taste like Christmas! I was trying for a cinnamon roll type flavor and ended...

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Eggnog Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Eggnog Tres Leches Cake

Teresa Jacobson
By Teresa Jacobson

This cake is creamy, sweet, and great eggnog flavor! I love a really good eggnog. Not...

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Key Lime Cupcake Recipe

Key Lime Cupcake

Hope Adcox
By Hope Adcox

When I make these for Christmas Eve, I usually dye the icing green and have green...

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Family Favorite Pasties (Meat Pies) Recipe

Family Favorite Pasties (Meat Pies)

Family Favorites
By Family Favorites

These bundles of hot, satisfying yumminess are sold throughout northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan at restaurants...

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All American Muffins Recipe

All American Muffins

chris elizondo
By chris elizondo

Everybody likes a little sweetness with their holiday celebrations, so I came up with these as...

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Hawaiian CheeseCake Bars Recipe

Hawaiian CheeseCake Bars

Linda Kauppinen
By Linda Kauppinen

Courtesy of FB and from Mary P Mauzy and GERBER DAISY FOOD LADIES. This recipe...

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