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Watermelon Cooler Recipe

Watermelon Cooler

By Joanne Cavallone Corse

I offer this to my neighbors when I see them outside doing yardwork. I have made...

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Watermelonberry Juice Pick Me Up Recipe

Watermelonberry Juice Pick Me Up

By Domestic Goddess

I came across this refreshing beverage recipe at food.com, which Connie (aka Chef1MOM) posted the recipe....

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Skinny Egg Nog Recipe

Skinny Egg Nog

By Noreen Anne D.

This is really good. If you like eggnog but don't like the fat. This is a...

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Carol's Sparkling Sangria Punch Recipe

Carol's Sparkling Sangria Punch

By Carol Myers

I was planning on making something else for our floor's Thanksgiving Potluck luncheon at work, but...

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Power Outage Irish Creme Recipe

Power Outage Irish Creme

By LeAnna Lyons

After making up this recipe the first time, the name "Power Outage" came to mind because...

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