Dog Recipes

Corn Dogs on a Stick Recipe

Corn Dogs on a Stick

Cherie Szilvagyi
By Cherie Szilvagyi

A favorite from the county fair, sizzling and hot. Oh what memories of that American...

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WV Church hotdog chili Recipe

WV Church hotdog chili

Angela Peters
By Angela Peters

This is a hotdog chili recipe I have made for 20 years...I am asked to make...

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Puppy Peanut Butter Poppers Recipe

Puppy Peanut Butter Poppers

Char Lowry
By Char Lowry

My dog loves these cookies and their super simple to make. Make sure you keep a close...

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Hillbilly Hotdogs Recipe

Hillbilly Hotdogs

Kim Biegacki
By Kim Biegacki

I just recently spent some time with family from my Grandpa Campbellā€™s side in Ansted, WVA....

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Canine Beef and Vegetables Recipe

Canine Beef and Vegetables

Joanne Voth
By Joanne Voth

After learning more about pet nutrition, I decided to put together a few fresh and natural...

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