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Ding Dong Cake Recipe

Ding Dong Cake

Staci Ojeda
By Staci Ojeda

This cake has become an addiction for my family! Any time we have to take something...

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Peanut Butter Chews Recipe

Peanut Butter Chews

Lora Hammon
By Lora Hammon

This is a recipe that came from the Cafeteria Ladies at Benito Juarez Elementary School in...

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Coconut Pound Cake Recipe

Coconut Pound Cake

Janette Suber
By Janette Suber

This was my Grandmother's Coconut Pound Cake recipe. We loved it so much that when...

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Mama's Buttermilk Pie Recipe

Mama's Buttermilk Pie

Leah Stacey
By Leah Stacey

This is my mom's recipe. I have been eating this awesome pie for years. It is...

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Pineapple Delight Angel Food Cake By Freda Recipe

Pineapple Delight Angel Food Cake By Freda


Delicious, and SOOOOOOO Very EZ. Simply Semi Homemade, all the way. amazing what can be done Simply. Makes 24...

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Peach Dump Cake Recipe

Peach Dump Cake

Diane Hess
By Diane Hess

This recipe is fast, easy and wonderful especially when served with a scoop of vanilla...

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