Corn Recipes

Kicked Up Layered Salad Recipe

Kicked Up Layered Salad

Jennifer Smith
By Jennifer Smith

This is such a filling salad. You can substitute low fat ingredients. It's healthy too!

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Zucchini-Corn Casserole Recipe

Zucchini-Corn Casserole

Roberta Broussard
By Roberta Broussard

A friend of my daughter's made this for a church gathering and my daughter loved it!...

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YOUR COLD COOLER  warm picnic cooked  corn Recipe

"YOUR COLD COOLER" warm picnic cooked corn

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus

Dory S. In Spokane,WA... sent me this easy recipe just yesterday. What a novel idea. I have...

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Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus

My friend sent me this recipe using my recipe for JIFFY CORN MUFFIN MIX. .I made...

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Mom's Corn Chowder Recipe

Mom's Corn Chowder

Fran Murray
By Fran Murray

I LOVE a good bowl of corn chowder.This recipe is easy and fairly quick. I also...

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Southwestern Eggrolls (for a crowd) Recipe

Southwestern Eggrolls (for a crowd)

Kristin D
By Kristin D

I LOVE the southwestern eggrolls appetizer from Chili's. Problem is, eating out is a bit out...

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Crockpot Fiesta Bowl Recipe

Crockpot Fiesta Bowl

Annelise Friedman
By Annelise Friedman

This is a super quick and yummy meatless meal. It's incredibly easy and can be spiced...

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~ My 4th Of July Salsa ~ Recipe

~ My 4th Of July Salsa ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

I had an avocado I needed to use, plus some plum tomatoes, left over corn on...

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~ Grams Cheesy Corn Custard ~ Recipe

~ Grams Cheesy Corn Custard ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

I did some reminiscing of the dinners my Gram used to have close to being ready...

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Frito Corn Salad Recipe

Frito Corn Salad

Pamela Floyd
By Pamela Floyd

This recipe was given to me by my neice. Not long after she was married...

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Indian Fried Corn Recipe

Indian Fried Corn

Nancy Wittig
By Nancy Wittig

This recipe has been handed down through my mother's family since the 1800's. Of course,...

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Cornbread Salad Recipe

Cornbread Salad

Melanie Miller
By Melanie Miller

This salad is a refreshing side dish or simply on its own. For a change,...

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