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Adult Pudding Shots (10 Assorted) Recipe

Adult Pudding Shots (10 Assorted)

Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)

I did some web searching & found these variations... Jello shots have been a party favorite for...

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Rose Dailey
By Rose Dailey

Another throw together for a church luncheon. My online cookbook:

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Easy Cool Whip Frosting Recipe

Easy Cool Whip Frosting

Cristen Hamby
By Cristen Hamby

Delicious frosting that takes less than 5 minutes! What could be better? The Cool Whip gives...

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Cottage Cheese Salad Recipe

Cottage Cheese Salad

Leigh Culver
By Leigh Culver

My grandmother had a way to get me to eat certain cottage cheese. I could...

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Peggi Anne Tebben
By Peggi Anne Tebben

I used to make this for catering jobs in big sheet pans. A refreshing, cool dessert. You...

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Aunt Clara Mae's Pineapple Orange Cake Recipe

Aunt Clara Mae's Pineapple Orange Cake

ginny dhondt
By ginny dhondt

My great Aunt Clara Mae used to make this wonderful cake for all our family gatherings....

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Chopped Vegetable Salad Recipe

Chopped Vegetable Salad

Judy Martin
By Judy Martin

This is a wonderful, colorful salad recipe that a friend, Jackie, made for us at a...

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Cool Whip Pudding Pie Recipe

Cool Whip Pudding Pie

janet vinson
By janet vinson

Found on Mr Food, made some changes and suggestions and when I made this it disappeared....

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Frozen Raspberry Layer Cake Recipe

Frozen Raspberry Layer Cake

Linda Griffith
By Linda Griffith

A very refreshing cake, especially for the lazy days of summer...Very simple b;ut time consuming but...

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