Cookie Recipes

Pecan-Chocolate Chip Pie Recipe

Pecan-Chocolate Chip Pie

Christy English
By Christy English

I have great memories of first eating this amazing pie while visiting with a beautiful Southern...

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Chocolate Cherry Beauties Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Beauties

Cassandra Nasr
By Cassandra Nasr

A delicious showstopper of a cookie. I make these cookies for Christmas, and more recently had...

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Chris T.
By Chris T.

This is a soft Italian style cookie. I have had this recipe for many years and...

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Snowballs Recipe


Dee Vance
By Dee Vance

This was my Mother's recipe. It has been a holiday treat in my family for over...

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Pecan Fingers Recipe

Pecan Fingers

Lisa Foote
By Lisa Foote

These are a variation of recipes I have seen for Mexican Wedding Cookies or Russian Tea...

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Mema's Simple Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Mema's Simple Peanut Butter Cookie

Careema Bell
By Careema Bell

This is one of my favorite simple peanut butter cookie recipes. THESE COOKIES ARE VERY SWEET...

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Cranberry pumpkin cookies Recipe

Cranberry pumpkin cookies

Anne Dougherty
By Anne Dougherty

A lovely fall cookie. For the cinnamon adverse substitute nutmeg for a slightly different cookie....

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Bonnie's In a hurry cookie bars Recipe

Bonnie's In a hurry cookie bars

Bonnie Lockhart
By Bonnie Lockhart

Need something sweet for a quick dessert--decided to try this. For peanut lovers only.

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Glazed Sugar Cookies Recipe

Glazed Sugar Cookies

Stevie Seber
By Stevie Seber

I just found this recipe out of a cookie cook book I purchased at a library...

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Brownie Supreme Recipe

Brownie Supreme

Michele Arambula
By Michele Arambula

This should satisfy the most intense sweet tooth. Made this for Christmas a couple years...

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Cream Cheese-Lemon Spritz Cookies Recipe

Cream Cheese-Lemon Spritz Cookies

Jordan Falco
By Jordan Falco

Cookies and Tarts, Week 10, March 29 These cookies are so tender and delicious! They have a...

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